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Miners' Park


Miner's Park, a beautiful site to visit in central Windber, is an ECHF restoration project.


The park is home to several historic buildings, monuments and memorials celebrating Windber heritage and culture.  It also serves as the primary location for the annual Miners' Memorial Day Festival that is held each June.


The buildings include the Windber Coal Heritage Center developed by the ECHF, a newly-refurbished gazebo that serves as both a music and event venue, as well as the original Windber train station and library buildings.


The park also serves as home to the famous miner statue by Lawrence Whitaker, memorials to Windber's war casualties and the victims of the 1977 Johnstown flood, and the ECHF-developed Miners' Wall dedicated to local miners whose work and sacrifice is recognized. A list of those names included on the walls and bricks can be found HERE.

Three historical monuments are located within the park along Graham Avenue.  One is dedicated to the town of Windber itself.  A second commemorates the famous coal miners strike of 1922-23.  The third commemorates Windber as the birthplace of Alan Freed, the nation's original rock and roll DJ.

The most recent addition to the park is the Windber Wall of Fame, where local residents who have made significant contributions to the community have their names engraved on bricks on four walls laid out in an X-shape.