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Miner's Memorial Day

The ECHF was instrumental in establishing Miner's Memorial Day, which was declared by Congressional Proclamation in 1999, stating:

Windber Cheers!
"I do hereby proclaim the Saturday before Father's Day each year, be known as "Miners' Memorial Day", in honor of all miners who toiled in the coal mines of our country.  Our great nation was built on the backs of the men and children who worked in the coal mines.  From the steam engines of the railroads, to the glow of the steel mills, "King Coal" was the foundation of the Industrial Revolution.  But, if Coal was the King, then the miners were its servants.  The unsafe conditions, child labor, low wages, comany houses and company stores were an accepted way of life for our ancestors for many years.  Through blood, sweat and tears, these miners fought for change and won.  Unions, decent wages, benefits and better working conditions are the legacy left to us by these brave men.  The basic principles of hard work, family values and community spirit, set forth by the miners, are unyielding and are as strong today as they were a generation ago.  Let us honor the memory of all of the miners whose sacrifices are a part of the heritage of this great nation."

The Festival traditionally extends over the entire Father's Day weekend.  In 2009, the ECHF presents the tenth annual Miners' Memorial Day Festival.  This popular tradition features the Cruise-In Car Show, Motorcycle Show, dances, games, and more!

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