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The Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park

Allegheny Ridge State Heritage ParkThe ECHF was proud to have its restoration efforts incorporated into the Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park, which was established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1992.  The goals of the program are to generate economic development opportunities, preserve and protect the state's magnificent natural historical and cultural resources, and enhance its intergovernmental regional approaches to planning and implementation of projects, and to educate visitors and residents about the state's heritage.

Path of ProgressThe park's 32 venues lay out the area's historical importance in the industrial and cultural development of the nation, showing how geographic obtacles to transportation were overcome, and how the area's resources, both natural and demographic, were applied to help the nation develop and succeed.  The roads connecting these venues for visitors have aptly been designated the "Path of Progress".

Seven venues in the Altoona area focus on the theme "Conquering the Ridge", showing how the development of rail transportation over the Allegheny Ridge helped open the west to industrial development.

Fourteen venues in Hollidaysburg and Portage celebrate the era of canal transportation that preceded the development of the railroads, as well as how both the canals and railroads supported immigration into the area and operation of the area's mills and mines.

Johnstown's six venues focus on life in a community built around the steelmaking industry.

Windber's four venues, all developed by the ECHF, were selected to commemorate the life of mine workers in the "Kingdom of Coal".