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Mine 40 Overlook


The hills overlooking Mine 40 provide a unique opportunity to appreciate how the lives of the miners and their families and the operations of the coal companies were so intimately tied together.  The ECHF took advantage of this opportunity by contructing an overlook park of about one and one-half acres with interpretive displays explaining the various parts of the vista available for viewing.

Visitors can see the remains of a major drift coal mine and gain a better appreciation of the magnitude and kinds of operations necessary to keep such an enterprise going.  Alongside the mine is a typical 'coal patch' town consisting of about 100 wooden duplex houses built by the company to house its workers.  The remains of a huge 'boney pile', a man-made mountain of stone/coal discard provides a dramatic backdrop to the view.

Interpretive displays provide a history of the area, show the purpose of the mine structures, and provide graphic views of the layout of underground workings of the mine, which encompass several square miles of tunnels and linkages to other entrances in the area.

The Mine 40 Overlook is located at the intersection of Main Street and Richland Avenue in Scalp Level, PA., on old State Route 56.  (40.2520N, 78.8460W)