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Arcadia Theater Seat Dedications Listed (Some available)

The Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation, after completion of the Arcadia Theater restoration project, wanted to provide a venue whereby the community could be forever imbedded in the theater.  A fundraiser project was launched whereby a person or organization would purchase a seat plaque (to be placed on the back each individual seat) either in memory of, or a tribute to a specific person.  The seat cost is $100.00 each.

This project has been  met with great community support over the years.  Visitors and family alike can now enjoy seeing their loved one and/or friend honored permanently with this tribute while supporting historical and community projects. 

The success of the Arcadia Theater has always and will continue to rest with valued patrons who attend and sponsor our events.  The Arcadia Performing Arts (also a 501(c)3 organization) is doing a remarkable job providing the community at large with a diverse and entertaining venue. 

There are a limited number of seats still available.  If you would like to participate in this very worthwhile endeavor, please see the following instructions:

Cost:  $100.00    Check or money order made payable to:   E.C.H.F.
Information needed: 

1.)  Clearly printed name  to be placed on the commemorative plaque
2.)  Your contact information (e.g. name,address, phone)

Send the above information to: 
E.C.H.F.     Re: Arcadia Seat Project
P.O. Box 142
Windber, Pa. 15963

A complete listing of all the dedicated seats, as well as a few that remain available for dedication is available HERE, as well as from the Success Stories/Arcadia Theater/Arcadia Seat Designations menu.

Miners Wall and Brick Listings (Bricks Still Available)

The Miners' Memorial  Wall project, appropriately located in the center of our Miner's Park in downtown Windber was established to honor our coal mining history by playing homage to those hard working miners and others in the coal industry who worked, and continue to work, to fuel our industrial age. 


Although the two walls are now filled to capacity, our project continues with the brick sponsorship that surrounds the wall and our town icon, the Coal Miner Statue. 


To sponsor a brick to honor a past or present miner or individual in the coal industry:

NOTE:   This project honors ALL in the coal industry.  This project is all inclusive, e.g. the dedication can be someone employed by  ANY mining company.  There is no geographic limitation as to where the individual worked.

Cost:  $35.00    Check or money order made payable to:   E.C.H.F.
Information needed: 

1.)  Clearly printed name to be placed on brick
2.)   Name of mining company for which worked
3.)   Your contact information (e.g. name,address, phone)

Send the above information to: 
E.C.H.F.     Re: Miner Wall project
P.O. Box 142
Windber, Pa. 15963

The complete list of dedications on the Miners Wall and Bricks can be found HERE.

ECHF President Inducted to Windber Hall of Fame


On October 13, 2012, Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation president Sandra Pritt (1st row, 3rd from left) was inducted into the Windber Hall of Fame for her volunteer work on projects  the ECHF has completed, as well as the successful expansion of Windber Miners’ Memorial Day Weekend, which is held each year over Father’s Day Weekend.


I was incredibly humbled by this nomination and selection.  However, as I expressed to the other inductees and guests….I am only one of a group that made the many projects successful in Windber. 

As I was trying to compose my acceptance speech, a single thought kept creeping into my mind….THE ACADEMY AWARDS, and I was just selected best director.   You may think ‘oh boy, now she has lost it!’, but  realizing the grand scope of our projects,  this analogy is actually on track.

I used the following comparisons and/or scenarios:   First, no successful director can earn such an award without  1.) A wonderful story;  2.) A talented crew to guide and interpret the story and finally;  3.)  An incredible cast of volunteers and citizens to bring the story to life.

Thankfully, we have been blessed to have all three of the above elements come together for a common cause…protect and preserve our history and heritage.   But it all began with the determination and hard work of the Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation board of directors.    The dedication and hard work of the Miners’ Memorial Day committee was and continues to be incredible.  This ongoing event encompasses almost 10 months of planning, organizing and marketing.  The fruits of this hard work is clearly obvious whenever we entertain 10-12 thousand people per downtown Windber.

To all my fellow ECHF board members, and fellow committee members of the Miners’ Day celebration, I THANK YOU from the bottom of heart…  I accepted   this award   on behalf of   ALL OF US !!!

1900 Windber Era Gallery Launched

October 26, 2009 -

Windber Era Page 3

The 1900 Windber Era Gallery has been added to the site for your viewing enjoyment.

Individual pages of the 116+ year old newspaper may be viewed in the gallery, and complete copies may be purchased in the Gift Shop in either digital or newspaper formats.

Click here to see the gallery


Thank you to our Miners' Memorial Day Sponsors & Donors!


The Eureka Coal Heritage Foundation expresses its most sincere appreciation to all the sponsors, volunteers, and participants who helped make this year's Miners' Memorial Day Weekend a rousing success.  The funding for all events, entertainment and support activities comes from donations of local organizations and individuals.  Their continued generosity, especially in these trying economic times, speak highly of their willingness to help commemorate the heritage of the area.

This family friendly event continued its proud history of providing remembrance of the cultural and historical importance that coal mining played in the development and lifestyle of the region.

Would you be willing to volunteer?  We welcome you to join our committee.  There is no paycheck, but the goodwill paycheck you receive with the smiles on the faces of our visitors makes all the work worthwhile.  Come join us !!!