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WCHC Press Releases

Rosebud Saves Coal Heritage Center!


March 8, 2010 – Rosebud Mining Company today bought the Windber Coal Heritage Center.  This will result in an innovative partnership that will use the 31-year-old firm's resources, insights and connections to keep alive the history of the region's miners and the story of the Quecreek rescue.

"We are happy to help keep the Center open for the community, and celebrate the hard-working coal miners that provide America with half of its electricity each and every day," said Rosebud Mining Company's President Cliff Forrest. Per Forrest, within a few months the Windber Coal Heritage Center will be reopened with regular business hours moving forward.

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Press Release - 5/2/2006

Windber Coal Heritage Center Celebrates "Rescue @ Quecreek" Exhibit Premiere


Press Release - 11/17/2004

Windber Coal Heritage Center Announces Permanent Quecreek Exhibit

Berwind Corporation pledges $50,000 lead challenge grant


Press Release - 11/6/2002

Stunt Double Metal Capsule Returns to Scene of the Rescue


Press Release - 10/4/2002

Windber Coal Heritage Center Debuts Quecreek Artifacts


Press Release - 9/10/2002

Quecreek Investigation Onsite Phase Nears Completion


Press Release - 8/16/2002

Smithsonian and Windber Coal Heritage Center Teaming up on Effort to Display Quecreek Capsule in Somerset County, Pa.


Press Release - 8/12/2002

$50,000 Donation Received for Quecreek Exhibit


Press Release - 5/12/2008

WCHC Launches 2008 Season With Native Artist's Exhibit